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We publish articles regularly on the web and in and Nepal, and have two books in stores. We're always full of ideas and have several projects in progress.


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   A Handbook of the Everest Flight

   Foreward by Sir Edmund Hillary
   Text by Dubby Bhagat
   Research and Photographs by Rik A. D. Sherpa




   Ten easy walks among the gods, legends, and bazaars of Kathmandu
   By John Child






About John

John Child is an American who fell in love with Nepal many years ago. As an MIS Director for a large consulting firm he dreamed of Nepal from his office.

In 1995 John started Friends in High Places in the US to promote Nepal as a travel destination with his business partner A.D. Sherpa's company, Friends in High Places in Nepal. It's been a wild ride, but he loves it and has expanded the company's reach to Bhutan, Tibet, and India. 

Today John spends summers in the US promoting Friends in High Places, but is in Kathmandu for most of the year, meeting groups and marketing trips.

About A.D.

A.D. Sherpa is the owner of Friends in High Places, a Kathmandu Nepal Trekking Agency. He grew up in Lukla, in the Khumbu (Everest) region of Nepal. As a young man he moved to Kathmandu and became a Climbing Sherpa for mountain expeditions. Before he was 21 years old he had climbed three 8,000 meter peaks. He lives in Kathmandu now, with his adopted father, Dubby, and his middle daughter Heyshe. Eldest daughter Duksangh in studying at Knox College in Illinios, and youngest daughter Nimsangh is a fifth-grade student in New York.

 Duksangh                               Heyshe                              Nimsangh

While a Climbing Sherpa, A.D. also began taking groups trekking on a freelance basis and soon was in great demand by agencies who wanted a special guide for their most important clients. In his mid-20s, A.D. got married, gave up mountain climbing and has devoted his attention to his family and Friends in High Places.

A.D. still leads treks occasionally but spends most of his time developing and training his staff of guides, Sherpas, and cooks to offer the very best in safety and personal service. He spent the summer of 1996 in the US on business, and he and his wife were sightseeing on the World Trade Center observation deck on September 10, 2001. He returned to the US in 2003 and 2006, undaunted.

The Principals' Photos
  John                                           A. D.                                            Dubby                                      Pasang

About Us

Friends in High Places is American John Child and Nepali A. D. Sherpa.  In 1990 by happy accident they met and went trekking. Three weeks later they were fast friends. A. D. had been operating an independent trekking agency for several years, and after some backward glances at his corporate job, John joined up.

Today Friends in High Places offers you the entire Himalaya, from Ladakh in the west to Bhutan in the East. Whether trekking in Nepal, riding elephants in India, braving the heights of the Tibetan Plateau, or venturing the wilds of Bhutan, do it with Friends in High Places.  Our commitment to you is individual, friendly service and maximum flexibility.

We don't operate big tour groups of strangers.  In places where the rules require (e.g., Tibet) or where practicality dictates, we'll match you with like-minded folk.

Most of our trips are individually designed and operated for you.  This has been our mission for more than a decade:  To make your Himalayan holiday what you want it to be, when you want it, with the best service and at a reasonable price.  What friends would do...

Senior Staff

Dubby Bhagat is A. D.'s adopted father and a devoted grandfather. He has a long career in hotels and hospitality and a second one in journalism. He's been our mentor since the beginning and is quite a character!  Pasang Temba Sherpa is our Senior Guide, with FiHP for sixteen years. He's fluent in four languages and coming along with number five, Japanese. Pasang has traveled to Southeast Asia, the US, Canada, and the UK but likes nothing better than showing you his world, the high Himalayas.

About John

About A. D.

Books and Articles we have written 

What our guests say . . .

I just dropped my son off at school and ran smack dab into [my friend].   I no more than said hello and asked how the trip was and she broke down in tears...... thank you for making their journey as memorable as you made ours. -Nancy Lou Zimmerman, Singapore

Finally I am again in my normal routine, after experiencing one of my most exiting things I've ever done. Believe me I am already planning my next one, maybe for October.  -Modesto Penaherrera, Ecuador

Thanks so much for a fabulous trip. My mother and sister are pretty envious and are considering booking separate trips for April and/or May.  -Somil Hwang, USA

I have been visiting Nepal every other year since 1983, but unfortunately only found Friends in High Places in 1995. I have since done six fantastic treks with them and would now never use any other company. Each trek was to a different area, but equally magnificent, as was the professionalism and service provided by the company. FiHP guides are friendly, courteous and attentive, with a knowledge  of the areas second to none. I started trekking as a client, I returned as a friend, and ever since have felt part of the FiHP family.  Helen Marsden Melbourne, Australia

It was the trip of a lifetime. I've already sent an  interested party to your website for more details. With much appreciation for your incredible hospitality, professionalism, and warmth -Gordon Hardy, USA

We are thrilled our friends are coming to Nepal with you.  We have the most fantastic memories from our 2 weeks with your company! -Judy Harrington, New Zealand

Every step in the process of planning our trip to Nepal --- from arrival to departure -- was expertly organized.   I would recommend your agency to anyone and can certify the high degree of professionalism demonstrated by your staff.  Thanks again for opening the doors for us in Nepal.  We will have a lifetime of fond memories of this incomparable experience. -Philip Eliasoph, USA

Friends in High Places are extremely well-organized, always available, efficient, friendly and arranged everything.  My personal guide on the trek was extremely knowledgeable  friendly, and knew everyone everywhere we went.  I also had a wonderful porter to carry my things so I had absolutely nothing to do but have a great time. -Melissa Zickwolff, USA

It is really a great pleasure for  us, if we remember us our Kanchenjunga Trek. It was wonderful, we loved very  much.  -Robert Broger, Switzerland

Nepal was truly the highlight of our trip, you guys did a GREAT job -- having traveled a fair amount through various parts of the world, I can say that you really made a quick and enjoyable trip possible.  Your flexibility in scheduling was also perfect for us. -Hung Fan, USA