The Kathmandu Guest House

In the center of Thamel, the tourist hub of Kathmandu
Widely varying rates: US$ 75-100 is the sweet spot

The Kathmandu Guest House made Thamel. In the early 1970s the tourist neighborhood was south and west of Durbar Square, and Thamel was a few old houses and a lot of paddy field. In 1976 entrepreneur Karna Sakya bought one of the old houses and added a wing. Within a couple of years the fields around the KGH had been filled with shops, restaurants, and other guest houses. "Freak Street" remains, but Thamel has eclipsed it many times over.

There's a nice garden and a terrace restaurant, and a funky signpost outside.A long-time feature is the notice board, where trekkers post notes for others and special events are announced.

Kathmandu sightseeing, shopping and the center of town are no more than 5 minutes' walk. Taxis are easy to catch; most spots in town are less than US$ 5 away.