Khopra Danda

  • 10 - 13 Days
  • Age 12+
  • Year-round

Kopra is a new route, only in use for a few years. Five enterprising villages decided to open one teahouse in each village to promote their area. The five villages make a loop that starts and ends like the Poon Hill trek but takes longer.

The high point of the trek, both literally and metaphorically, is Kopra Danda (Kopra Hill). The first time our lead guide went there he came back all smiles and said "Better than Poon Hill!"

Day 1

Drive out of Pokhara to a trail head. Trek north to follow the route of the Modi Khola river. At first the route is near the river, but the trail climbs steadily. Stay in Gandrung, a prosperous town high above the river.

Day 2

Trek to Tadapani - "far water" in Nepali. It was once a water stop for the pony trains that carried the India - Tibet salt trade. Now it's a trekker's stop.

Day 3

Off the regular trail today to Bayeli Kharka. This route stays in new lodges built by a multi-community organization to bring trekkers and their economic boost for the towns.

Day 4

Trek to Lucky Hill and back to Bhayeli Kharka

Day 5

Up, up, up during the morning, gaining altitude as the views open up. The mountain panorama from here is wonderful! We should be in Kopra for lunch; afternoon free.

Day 6

At Kopre, day trek or R&R

Day 7

Give up all the altitude gain of yesterday, and more, to descend to Swanta. You will pass through three climate zones on the way, from sub-alpine at Kopre through terperate forests and back to the edge of semi-tropical. Fabulous variety!

Day 8

Today's walk meets up briefly with the "main route" but then breaks off as we climb up to Danda Kharka. It's a short but active day.

Day 9

Up and over a ridge today. We'll pass tthrough Ghorepani and take a side trail up to Poon Hill for more great views. Stay in Ghorepani or start downhill to Ulleri.

Day 10

(Day of margin to reach Ulleri) Trek downhill through forests and fields to Ulleri.

Day 11

Check out the early morning view. Then trek down a long stair-step hill to Tirkedhunga for lunch. It's an easy afternoon walk to Birethanti, then 45 minutes from Birethanti to the road, and another 45 minutes back to Pokhara.